Monday, November 10, 2008

I get this show on the road!

I packed up my paintings this morning and loaded them in the old truck in the dawn's early light. I was glad that they all fit in one trip. When they're all the same size there isn't as much worry about where the corners fall, so I could stack them pretty high.

When I got to work I found out, to my joy, that tomorrow is a holiday (Veteran's Day)! I've been too busy even to anticipate it, but I sure can use the time. I'm trying to finish my show catalog which unfortunately may not be ready for my first opening, but hopefully shortly after, and in time for the second "one-person-show" opening on the 29th. I'm using a site called Blurb to make it and am hoping to order a bunch, and then put it in their bookstore so that it can be ordered online.

It does feel good, if a bit strange, to look out my office window and see my truck in the parking lot loaded with paintings, and know that most of my work of the last 4 years is ready to deliver.

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  1. Haha...I love this post! It IS so nice to get a show on the road. Looking forward to seeing the paintings all"decked out" in the gallery....Break a leg!


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