Thursday, June 21, 2012


Another Alaska study, this one from a view of Serpentine Glacier across the fiord from Toboggan Beach. Gouache, about 3"x6".

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

View Point

View Point, gouache on paper, 4"x6"
Painting at View Point
Sometimes this blog seems like a patchwork quilt, with lots of loose threads to tie up (ok, mixed metaphors, but knit together well, don't you think?). This is one of them, the finished version of a little study I started while perched on a rock at View Point, in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Little dents and biodiversity

Nothing like another torn menicus to give you some time to catch up. This minor knee surgery could well become an annual event, since I had the exact same thing in my right knee at this time last year. But as luck would have it, I only have two knees, so that nips that tradition in the bud.

Coincidentally, my truck also went into the shop this week for a left knee problem, thanks to someone (and you know who you are)  pulling a nice parking lot hit and run on me. So I'm housebound on two levels, but it's a beautiful day, the windows and doors are open, and it sometimes seems I hardly ever get to be here, so Home, it's nice to meet you!

At any event, I'm on day two of post-op, sitting elevated leg on pillow, laptop on lap. Catching up, firstly, on planning the Bioblitz Art Exhibit.

That's right, another Bioblitz has come and gone, on beautiful farmland on the island of Jamestown. This year I partnered with Katy Dika from the RISD Nature Lab to head the Art Team. Next year, due to her planning, access to equipment, knowledge and enthusiasm making me look like a complete amateur in contrast, I happily entrust the future Bioblitz Art Team leadership to the competent hands of Katy and the RISD Nature Lab, which they have graciously accepted.

But I am still planning the art exhibit, which will be at the Warwick Museum of Art during the month of July and which will include work inspired by the bioblitz and work from artists who have been Artists in Residence in our National Parks and Forests. I'll have some work in the show, naturally, and will give a talk about the Artist in Residence Program on July 16.

I also have some shows upcoming...

September 2012 at the Hale House of my Artist-in-Residence work, including new paintings from The Chugach National Forest, Alaska, and the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert in Arizona.

A group show "The Architectural Treasures of Providence" September 4-28, at URI extension in downtown Providence. I'll be showing some church paintings.

And two shows in 2013, one in Newport at the Deblois Gallery, the other at Bert Gallery.

Until then, I'll take my ice pack and the book I'm reading, "The Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood", to the porch and enjoy my downtime!

Petrified pictures

Thought I'd post my finished studies (isn't that a contradiction?) of my Petrified Forest residency, to give you some pretty pictures to look at while I work on my next blog post.

From the Blue Mesa Trail o/c
Drainage o/c


Below the PDI

Monday, June 11, 2012

Painted Desert/Petrified Forest Video

Lately I've been blitzed by the bio,  (the 2012 Bioblitz Art Team), but I've packed up my tent and am back to camping in coffee shops, so promise to update this blog soon. In the meantime, John has published a great video of our Petrified Forest trip!

Painted Desert Trip from John DeVault on Vimeo.
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