Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cold and Thankful

My studio looks like it was hit by Fall, but it felt more like Winter last weekend as I went on a painting marathon to finish the last, large (46x58) painting for my show. Temps were unusually low, just edging 30 and gale force winds were blowing, and I didn't have time to do my usual insulating of the garage door. So even after cranking the propane stove for hours, I could barely get the inside temp up to 50. It was comfortable enough though, as long as I wore long johns, 2 pairs of sweatpants, a tank top, t-shirt, a sweatshirt and fleece jacket, 2 pairs of socks and a hat. Whew, that's a lot of clothes.

But the big painting is done, and I deliver it tomorrow, when the gallery will hang the last of my paintings in time for my reception on Saturday. The 40 page catalog will be done as soon as I photograph the big painting and upload the final version. It will be available to order online, and I'll post a link soon. If you'd like me to email you the link, send me your email.

I'm looking forward to tying up the final loose ends of this 3 and a half year project... some serious recharging is in order.


  1. This post is hilarious! I was sympathizing as I once used a window-enclosed porch as an ad-hoc studio during the winter of 1999. I kept my paints on a cookie sheet resting on a space heater so they wouldn't freeze - it was sooo cold.

  2. wow was it really 3.5 years? no wonder you feel a little disoriented to see it over...! but a little holiday down time and then with the new year will come fresh inspiration...


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