Thursday, November 13, 2008

Barack the Art and the Ninth Plan

I went to Peter Goldberg's opening last night to see his photos of the huge sewer tunnel which was drilled under Providence, and to get a peak at my paintings. Everything looked really good, Peter's photos were very elegant and have a timeless quality to them.

My paintings were hung and lit very nicely, and I only had to switch two labels. Considering how odd some of my title are, that's pretty good. It was mostly a photo crowd, of course, so the crowd was decidedly on that side of the gallery, but it's great to get "exposure" to that group as well. My opening is Saturday, it'll be a fun party...

Tonight I'm off to the Blackstone to see my husband's band Plan 9 . If you like great guitar work in a wall of pyschedelic sound, head on over to Pawtucket. They go on about 10.

I'm still feeling real good about election night, every once in awhile I stop and realize...hey, Obama won! and it cheers me up. And to add to his talents, I find he is a pretty decent cartoonist as well! Who knew? This is from the Pioneer Local in Chicago.

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