Monday, March 28, 2011

Painting in prime time

Finally, that show about fascinating paintings is going to premiere this week with its pilot episode featuring, in "Kate's" office (Jeri Ryan), several paintings by me! I think there's some secondary plot about a medical examiner-something-something, but let's hope they don't stand in front of the paintings too often.  Alas, by the time the pilot was picked up for the series, my paintings were recast so it's a mystery as to what will grace the office walls for subsequent episodes. That's why you can't miss the premiere on Tuesday, March 29, 10pm Eastern, 9pm Central on ABC unless you have a good excuse, like me, who still doesn't have a TV! 

But I expect it will be available somewhere like Hulu, so if I find it, I'll publish the link in a gesture of shameless self promotion.

PS - For you Rhode Islanders, there are also bound to be lots of inaccurate arrangements of familiar places, or in other words, a view of "Philadelphia" that looks eerily familiar. 

PPS - How'd I get my paintings on TV? Like this. 



  1. Yes, please post the link shamelessly. Steve Jobs apparently will never make nice with Flash Player, so I can't watch it on my Mac. I'll try to catch the premier on the teewee, but it's iffy.

    Congratulations, starlet!

  2. ! I also know someone who got a painting into a recent Meryl Streep movie. They bought his...did they buy yours...or "rent" them?
    I really like how this good looking medical examiner is dressed in similar colors to your painting. Congratulations!

  3. Here's the link, it's about 24 minutes into the show. Lots of scenes from my hometown too. I've spent many an evening drinking by that pier in the opening scene as a patron of our local watering hole, the Hot Club.

  4. Thanks Celeste, they just rented them for about 2-days, and paid good money for the privilege. I wish they had used more recent work of mine, but I'd like to get more of that business!

    I checked out your blog too, I bookmarked it and will be a frequent visitor, very nice work!


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