Monday, October 6, 2008

September report

September started out strong for painting days, but I've had to change into framing mode for the last few weeks, and have had to think about all the promotion stuff as well. Sometimes I dream of delegating some of the practical matters of having a show, but as the date gets closer, I find it seems easier just to do it myself. The invitations were sent off to Modern Postcard this morning though, so that's done. Now to get my mailing list in shape. I'm going to design a web invite as well, and will post the link when I've finished it. If anyone who isn't on my list would like an invite when they come in, send me your address (email or actual) and I'll add you to my list.

Last week I found that, instead of my exhibit being a one person show for the 3 weeks it will be up, I will be sharing the gallery with a photographer, Peter Goldberg, for the first week (then I'll add more paintings to make it a one person for the next two weeks).

I hear that he will be exhibiting photos of the CSO, the huge sewer tunnel that is being drilled under Providence that will divert the rainwater that sometimes overwhelmed our sewage treatment plant and caused sewage to flow into the bay. I actually went down into the tunnel shortly after they started drilling and wanted to do a series of paintings about it. I never did get back underground though -- so many paintings, so little time! I did take a lot of photos and put together a couple of slideshows (The Utility Shaft and The Main Shaft) of my subterranean journey. I'm not surprised to see another artist inspired by the project, and am curious to see the photos myself.

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