Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Packing for Petrified

The Painted Desert Inn, Kachina Point ||  CLICK & SCROLL FOR 360 PANORAMA

Although they haven't said for sure where I'll be staying, I believe one of those little adobe houses to the left of the Painted Desert Inn has my name on the door, and in less than a week I'll be settling in!

With a bunch of other things going on I've been struggling to get ready, but I think I have my art supplies down, thanks to the packing list that I've developed over 9 previous residencies. New this year is my homemade pochade box, which I think will be easier to pack than my old french easel. But though bulky, the french easel was very sturdy, this little box on my spindly tripod might be a different story—thus the string to tie the center post to a rock if needed. The umbrella will be a nice protection from the sun the the exposed terrain, but I that's also what I kind of thought when I bought it for my residency in the Great Sand Dunes. The wind might decide it belongs elsewhere and insist on taking it there. Well, there's always my hat.


I hear that there's good connection for Verizon in the park, so I should be able to post a daily journal of my adventures. My goal is to settle into my desert abode after a long day of hiking and painting and post photos and updates every evening. I'm also setting up separate blogs for my journals, which will keep things better organized. So check back just in case I actually get it done!


  1. Tidying up, eh? Nice new header on this blog. I see you've learned from the other residencies that organization at least makes it all seem possible. Then the residencies themselves teach you what's probable. I'm looking forward to the daily posts, but hey, take time at the end of those long days to lay on your back out in the sage and stargaze.

  2. "the residencies teach you what's probable...." Nice comment, and precisely what I would have have wanted to say. We missed AZ this year, but I'm hoping to get back there soon -- maybe to the Hubble trading station on a residency. I had to give over that last year.

    If you are curious about what I've been up to, check out southeastmain (www.southeastmaind.wordpress.com) It's been a long winter, and spring (by which I mean sun) has been slow to arrive here.

    So I'll be thinking about you in your adobe cabin facing the painted desert. That alone will be a wondrous experience.

  3. Thanks guys, I do plan to do a lot of stargazing and just plain thinking while I'm out there. I'd rather scribble in a journal than type on my laptop, but it's just too tempting to share via internet if I can...
    And thanks June, you were ahead of me on the trail...I have been following your blog, I'm glad that your daughter is doing better...taking care of each other brings out the good in us, I wish there was an easier way! On the other hand, keeping on with my self-centered and selfish life while everyone I care about stays independent, healthy and happy would be a nice alternative!


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