Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Calendar angst and pre-show jitters

The calendar is nagging me. Insisting it's been over 7 months since I last blogged. Threatening me that it's exactly 1 month till I have to deliver a show's worth of paintings to the Bert Gallery. And a few days later, another show's worth to DeBlois Gallery. And that I'm late, late, late designing invitations, getting out PR and related paperwork. And that it's been over a year since I dipped my kayak paddle into the turquoise waters of Alaskan Fiords.

Well I'm blogging now, so shut up calendar.  And the show will come together. After all, I have a month!

And, although I probably have lost any folks who have been kind enough to follow this blog, those who stumble upon it can see more about my exhibits here
and suffer silly tweets here


  1. Stil here. Have you on a feed reader, Hadn't given up on you! Good luck pulling things together & meeting your deadlines.

  2. Thanks, good to know I have one reader! More than I deserve with my blogging neglect. I also haven't kept up with reading blogs either, I'll have to catch up with yours, looks like you've been creating some beautiful pieces!


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