Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Return of the Bioblitz Art Team

Science Central during the 2011 Bioblitz in Scituate
Once again this year the fine folks at the Rhode Island Natural History Survey  are inviting an Artist Team to join the naturalists and scientists during their Bioblitz survey of all manner of species, plants, animals, bugs, birds, etc. found in a specific area during a 24 hour period. The 2012 Bioblitz will be held on the lovely island of Jamestown and will take place from noon on June 8th to noon on the 9th. If there are any artists out there who want to join the art team this year let me know, or go to our Facebook page and "like" it and I'll keep you informed.

Last year we had a great team, camping and exploring in the meadows and woodlands of the Scituate Reservoir property.  (To read about it, click here). We teamed up for the first time with the RISD Nature Lab, and hope to do so again this year. We also have an exhibit of artwork created as a result of the Bioblitz at the Warwick Art Museum from June 19-30, featuring work from previous Bioblitz's. In fact, since work won't have to be delivered until about a week after this year's blitz, if you work fast your 2012 work could part of the exhibit too.

In addition to work inspired by our own "backyard" the exhibit will include work from artists who have done residencies in our National Park as part of the Artist in Residence program. If you have done one of these residencies and want to exhibit, please get in touch with me. If you want to know more about the program,  I'm planning to give a talk about the AIR program in the National Parks and my Alaska residency in particular as part of the exhibit.

So even though it might seem cold and dreary outside, life will be stirring before we know it, and we'll be there to count it!

last year's biobltiz

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