Monday, January 23, 2012

A quick brown fox

This little fox looks so happy that you would think he was the one who's footprints I saw in the freshly fallen snow near my house. But, alas, his little mouth is frozen in a permanent smile in the Nature Lab at RISD. I sometimes see his brethren near the road as I make my way home. Always to quick and the light too dim to get a good look, so I appreciate a chance to study this fine specimen close up.

Like I mentioned, we got our first real snow last weekend, and I realized how much I missed it. I love the way it changes the familiar into something kind of magical. I also like that I get to wear my xtratufs again, not because they are so fashionable outside of Alaska and RI's little fishing towns, but because they remind me tromping over mud and rocks, hauling one end of a long kayak down to the shore of Harriman Fiord.

Speaking of Alaska, the Artist Residency program is starting to accept applications for 2012. I was happily surprised to go to one of my favorite blogs, Gurney Journey and see info about the application process, and a photo of me to illustrate it! I am honored to be the poster girl for this great program.

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