Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Accepting rejection

It's somehow reassuringly old fashioned to receive a rejection letter by mail instead of eletronically. Still sucks, but in a retro kind of way. For about the 16th time my application for the RI State Council on the Arts didn't get awarded a grant, or even runner up status. Oh well. The money ($5,000) would have been nice, but what I was kind of hoping for was the little uptick in status that grant recipients get. Not that I should care about status, but it also seems to get you invited to show.

A few days later the Maccoll Johnson Fellowship saw fit to reject my application. That money would have been more than nice, $25,000 is nothing to sneeze at. Not that I had a chance to decide to sneeze or not. That was one of those cutting-edge email rejections...damn.

Oh well, I bitched and moaned already about rejection in a previous post so will wipe the dust from my feet and think about spiders.


  1. I trust you know you are in good company! Love the spider drawings.

  2. I don't think the RISCA would know a good painter if it fell on them- but you keep trying! You're so much more optimistic than I am...

  3. Thanks guys. I try every year but am never surprised to be rejected, there are a lot of good painters in this state so it's kind of like a lottery. And some fine artists made it this time ( so I congratulate them!


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