Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pretty in pink

Somehow in the chaos of painting every first floor wall of my house and the usual holiday insanity I managed to find time to insulate my studio for the winter. I was lucky to get a relatively mild day off so opened the big garage door and proceeded to cover the screened wall with those big pink planks of insulation, the ones with the pink panther printed on one side. I did the neighbors a favor and put the printing on the inside, leaving a beautiful pepto-bismol hue facing the street. The panther smiled approvingly as I trimmed the pieces to fit and used lattice strapping to mount them snug against the screens. Hours later I finished, exhausted and relieved to finally be able to hit the switch, close the garage door and go inside for a nice cup of tea.

CLUNK!*. mmMerrMMaaMMmaahrMMm

That was the sound of the door hitting the panels and jamming the motor. I quickly shut if off. This door doesn't go back up till it goes all the way down, so I had to pry the panels loose to free the door. Not that I jumped right to it. I first had to fight the urge to say to hell with painting in the studio and decide to just draw in my house all winter. But it was getting dark outside and unless I wanted to try again on a frigid day in January—it was now or never.

Luckily I had another plan, or as I like to call it, my original plan, which was to mount smaller panels inside of the screen windows. Which was a great plan until I had the brilliant thought that it would be easier to mount the panels over the entire wall since there was PLENTY of clearance.

So after another few hours the panels were up again, I held my breath and closed the door. It cleared. And I hadn't burned the motor out. Now my studio is better insulated than it's ever been for the winter, and although it will still take a few hours to heat it from its winter temp in the low 30's to a workable 50's, it should hold the heat longer. I just wish I was able to hold the brush longer!


  1. Points for persistance!

    I'd be a formal follower, but as you can see, I'm a FacePlanter, not a FaceBooker. I'll tag along anyway.

  2. I want to take a look at what you did. I need to put the pink stuff up on some interior walls in my apt.-- then cover it with a respectable wallpaper. That is the only way I can do it myself. My 1918 horsehair walls are drafty.

  3. I don't think it would work as an interior wall, it's really meant to be inside of walls. I think you'd be better off with sheetrock. I'm just using it as a seasonal buffer, I'm not even sure it will hold up more than a few years.

  4. And Sam, I'm glad you survived your close encounter with the cattle guard, but in a perverse way it sounds like a better day than mine, passed safely in a cubicle.


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