Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It was a little hard to adjust to life back on the mainland after spending a weekend on Block Island for the BioBlitz show at Island Gallery, especially when we had Kira Stillwell from the Rhode Island Natural History Society (foreground),  Kim Gaffett of the Ocean View Foundation and Cindy Kelly of the Island Gallery  providing accommodations for ourselves and our artwork that were well beyond our expectations.

The show looked great, and as you can see, was well received, especially by Kira's daughter Brin. I've gotten compliments on my paintings at openings, but this was the first time someone felt moved to kiss one. (The lucky painting was not inspired by the BioBlitz, but a day trip to Mohegan Bluffs 17 years ago.)

The other painting I brought was of the trip I took with Captain Feather and his crew in the pouring rain off the north end of the island on the second day of BioBlitz.

The weekend got me psyched and now that we've practiced with the first exhibit, we're hatching plans for a longer and more publicized version for the next one. Stay tuned!

Photos from the weekend can be seen here and here.

More on bioblitz from my blog, and the website.


  1. Getting on your blog list was one of the very best things I did this year! You don't post often, but oh when you do! Love these pics from Block Island; is that the lightship out there?

    I won't gush about the fish, but what a striking (pun intended) painting!

  2. Thanks so much! My blogging was flagging lately, but now I'm inspired to post more often. I didn't see any lightships out at sea, just a cruise boat, tankers and some rigs exploring for the Cape Wind project.


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