Monday, December 1, 2008

Post Opening and Vloged!

My opening was a lot of fun, I was amazed at all the friends and family who showed up. I was also flattered to be vloged by a very interesting artist/brother of one of my co-workers. Check out his other vlogs while you're there...

The opening was followed by dinner at the Cactus Grill, and we pretty much took over one room of the restaurant. They were very accommodating, even though I made reservations for 20 and about 30 or more showed up! Despite the good time, I'm glad to kick back a bit now, putter around and rediscover other bits of inspiration that I've tucked away in closets, boxes and drawers. Not to mention the inspiration I could get by just getting out into the woods.

My show is up until Saturday, so if you missed the opening and still want to take a look, the gallery is open from 10 to 6. The catalog will also be available to order online soon, so send me your email if you'd like the link.

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