Monday, December 29, 2008

Preparing for a new year

Posts have been scarce, I admit, over this holiday season. After multiple openings for my exhibit Christmas was another flurry of of arranging rooms and setting out party food. Thank goodness nothing ever happens in January (except the inauguration—I'll be sleeping on a bus to wake up in DC on the 20th!).

With 8 inches of snow we seemed all set for a white Christmas but rain and wind caused the snow to retreat to patches. A record-tying day (62 degrees!) the following Sunday melted the rest and allowed me to open my studio garage door and begin to tackle the chaos left after my show. You can't tell by the photo but I managed to clear out half of it, and started putting up some insulating plastic sheeting over my screens. My machine seems right at home in the mess though!

I'm also starting to apply what I learned in my CSS web design class to a long overdue overhaul of my website. I've redone the homepage and hope to work my way through the site making it bigger, cleaner and more up to date. Check it out.

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