Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Free online portfolio sites

I usually get a few solicitations every month to post my work on portfolio web sites or virtual galleries. Any artist with an email no doubt gets the same. The quality of these portfolio sites varies greatly though, so it's always good the check them out before uploading your work. Most allow you to upgrade for a price, but I've been happy with the following site's free service. Here are some samples of how they present an artist's work.

These two have been around a while and are well organized...
Art Wanted
Absolute Arts

Saatchi has gotten a lot of publicity, and has a bazillion artists, but someone need to take a class in web design!
Saatchi Gallery

This is the latest one I found, it takes a while for your work to show up, but after 2 weeks if it's not there, an email will do the trick. The quality of work on this site seems very good.
Irving Sandler Artists File

Does posting your work on these sites help? I really can't say. But they do allow you to place your web address and other info on them, and they do come up in search engines. So it couldn't hurt if you want to get your work out there. If anyone knows of others, let me know and I'll look into it!

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