Saturday, September 13, 2008

Clams and clamps

Yesterday I took an unpaid day off work to paint, so I can afford to make today a catch-up day, with a break to take my mom down to Flo's for some fried clams as a last summer treat before resigning myself to the idea that summer is ending. It actually feels more like fall now, it seems in the last few days the light has shifted, and I've put on socks and a jacket a few times already.

My other goal today was to finish my statement, finalized what I'm calling my exhibit, and work on my postcard and gallery book. But I'm procrastinating of course, by working on frames and writing this blog. My frames I think will go well, I've simplified my design, so now it's just production line of sawing, clamping, gluing, nailing, assembling, sanding, spraypainting, and finish work for at least 16 oil painting frames and numerous frames with glass. It looks like an awful lot when I write it out, but I can do it, because....I have to!

But enough procrastinating, I've got to tackle that statement.

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