Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Odds and ends

Well, June is over and I didn't do too badly as far as studio time goes. The first two weeks got away from me, since I had catching up to do after my trip, but a lot of x's towards the end of the month make me feel better. It's always nice to pick up that paint covered black marker and plant a big x on the day.

I started a movie documenting the progress of my big painting that I will update as it progresses. It's like watching paint dry, I know, but I found a more entertaining movie about painting by Karin Jurick, who also has a fine daily painting blog.

I'm still researching whether my titanium white is really toxic. This is what has me wondering now...the main ingredient for Winsor and Newton Titanium White is zinc oxide. According to W&N it's not toxic to humans, but dangerous to aquatic life. But it's also the main ingredient in many sunblocks. And, according to Wikipedia, also makes a great breakfast cereal! Go figure....

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