Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back in the studio

Today was my first studio weekend in a LONG time, and I was happy to find I could pick up on my shoemaker paintings without that disconnected feeling I sometimes get when I've been away from the studio for a long time. In researching inspiration for a painting I'm going to call "Assumption" I came upon this amazing painting. It's, to quote from The University of Glasgow,
from The Hunterian Psalter, a twelfth century illuminated manuscript, thought to have been produced in England c. 1170. It is regarded as the greatest treasure of William Hunter's (1718-83) magnificent library of books and manuscripts.

I've got to shift into serious panic mode from now to November, when I'm having my one person show at the Gail Cahalan Gallery. Besides finishing the paintings, there's framing and promotion to do, but the paintings will have to come first of course. I think the break may have done me some good though, I can look at my work with a fresh eye.

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