Friday, June 13, 2008

Catching up

This drawing is one I did from the Nordenskiold Trail on Wetherill Mesa. As I was drawing a very gusty wind picked up and it began to sprinkle. I turned the drawing over to wait it out and it soon stopped, but the clouds turned darker and began to smudge to the horizon, so I decided to pack up up. Sitting is a forest of dead trees on a deserted mesa at 7,000 feet is no place to be in a lightening storm. The wind almost blew me off the trail on the way back to the car, and it was hailing by the time I got home, so I knew I made the right decision. I finished the drawing in the hogan.

I find it amazing that it is taking me so long to catch up after being away for only 2 weeks, but such is the case I'm afraid. I've decided not to try to finish the Mesa Verde journal in this blog, but I will wrap it up and post it in my "words" section soon I hope! I'm also working on creating a photo album on Picasa to store my Mesa Verde pictures. I'll post the link when the captions are done. I figure that's the best way to let people pick which photos they might want to view, since I took almost 300! Meanwhile I'll try to bring the blog up to date, but my lunch break is over so I'll have to post again later....

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