Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Denali spelled any other way means Denial...

Ok, I’m over my silent sulk. Yes, I was once again rejected from Denali, and no encouraging notes this time either. In fact, they said that due to the high level of applicants, they even added a few more slots. Which doesn’t exactly make me feel better, since I DIDN’T GET ONE OF THOSE NEW SLOTS EITHER! Oh well, will I give up? Probably not, it's a great program, and there is still the VOW program that I can try again. Alaska is not going to get rid of me that easily.

And I missed my window of opportunity for both an End-of-the-Year Wrap-Up and/or a Welcome-the -New-Year optimistic outlook. Wasn’t that clever? So now it’s mid January, the holiday take-over is done,  and its time to take these dark cold days to catch up and get back on track.

And, a few things are going on…. I have a show up at the Bert Gallery, mostly of National Park/Forest AIR work. The exhibit now is in a sort of a work-in-progress/sneak-preview phase so if you’re interest in viewing it in January, best to call to see if the gallery is open. The official opening is February 20, and the show will be up through March (Except the week of the 10th).  More and less confusing details to come!

Also, because it’s not cold enough in RI, I’ve decided to accept an invitation from a friend to share a lakeside cabin in Vermont in February for a winter painting getaway. Luckily it has big windows that look out on the lake, so if we feel wimpy we can paint inside, but it might be fun to see at what temperature oil paints freeze and paint "en aire glacial". And, maybe I can work on my journals during those long Vermont nights. (What, you say? No, really, I'm really going to finish them this time....)


  1. Oh, I do dislike those rejections, especially the ones you can keep stewing over. It seems quite unreasonable that you were rejected -- probably because you are so good, or at least because you had such a good time last time:-) Keep up the good work, and remember that spring is coming. It's coming. It's coming. And staying busy, especially painting in ice, is a useful way to forget the more abstract troubles.

    Stay well and warm. Spring is coming!

  2. Thanks June, I was just revisiting your blog, I wish I could keep up with my journals as well as you do, it's really fun to read them. I just had a fellow blogger mention that she passed though Rhyolite and immediately thought of your blog and sent her the link!

    Thanks for the encouragement, I will probably be applying for another AK residency, but if I get rejected from that one too, maybe it's a message to stay home and work in my studio!


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