Monday, October 7, 2013

BETA, META, FETA - say cheese!

Ok, here's my excuse for lack of posts, I've been working obsessively (which is the only way you can work in HTML and CSS) on my new website design.  It's finally ready to go public, but still a work in progress. I'm not brave enough yet to migrate my .com address over, so I've created this new one on Eventually I will use the same design on and switch it to a faster (and cheaper) web host.

Hopefully this design will stay useful for a few years, since it's designed to work on desktop, tablet and smartphone. I refuse to design a version for google glass, or Apple watch, or the microchip that will be embedded in our brains in the next upgrade. Call me a luddite, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

Let me know if you see anything wacky going on, unless you are using IE v6.0 or under, In that case I don't want to hear it. My hatred of IE is only tempered by the versions 8.0 and above, the point at which IE has grown up and started to behave. Sorry, that's just my cranky web designer persona talking.

Since this is wrapping up, I hope to get back to my Artist in Residence wordpress group site. Because what else am I going to do with my "free" time, paint?

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