Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A painting for Petrified

70 days till I leave for the Grand Canyon and I finally finished my painting from last year's residency at the Petrified National Park. I didn't quite make the 1 year deadline but hopefully will be forgiven. I'm still working on Alaska paintings so haven't really gotten ramped up on the PEFO work, but when I do I'd like to work big, maybe a wall sized 5-panel panorama of "The Most Beautiful Place in the World"

Other than that, I'm still struggling with trying to do too many things with too little time. Maybe I should make a list and see what I can eliminate. . .

(ok, I started the list but it got too overwhelming, so I will eliminate making a list, that's one thing crossed off anyway)

Sometimes I think I should give up blogging (and if I have any readers they are justified in thinking "I thought she DID give up blogging") but I can't quite do it yet. So I will try to update more often, because otherwise what's the point?  Which brings me to this post...  an excuse to upload my latest painting and do a little whining.

Stay tuned for a raccoon in a gold mine.


  1. Beautiful painting for Petrified Forest!
    Love the composition!!

    Bet you're getting very excited about the Grand Canyon!

    I enjoy receiving your blog in my email inbox by the way. :)

  2. Don't you dare abandon the blog! I know it's a lonely outpost, but your posts, however infrequent, are like postcards from a far-flung aunt. They're to be treasured.
    Besides, holy mackerel, I'm a quarter of your blog list. Self-interest alone insists that I object!


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