Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Talking about AIR

Photo by Matthew Hodge
A public speaker I am not—not by a long shot, but it's easier when I am talking about such a great program as the Artist in Residence program in our national parks and forests, and have such and engaged and interesting audience. It was a great opening reception, thanks to the folks at the Hale House, and especially the Director, Lori Urso. I had such a good time talking with everyone.

The show is up till Oct. 6, hours are Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday; 12 Noon to 4 pm.

The seal, oil/canvas, 20x24, 2012


  1. wow...really amazing painting. . it looks like a realistic one. the details of your art is so fabulous. it tells something a great story. . .cool. . thanks for showing it..
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  2. "The Seal" reminds me very much of Emily Carr. She didn't do Alaska, but she had much of your sensibility.

  3. Thanks guys, and it's nice to be compared to Carr. I saw a lot of Tlinkit and Haida art in Anchorage very similar to the indigenous art that she loved.


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