Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back in Anchorage

First stop, Side St coffee, the cool little coffee shop I discovered on my first pass through. Actually, it's my second stop, the first was a tiny falafel shop that Carl, Forest Service electrician and generally funny and friendly guy, suggested we stop at for lunch. Carl gave me a ride from Girdwood where I spent the night in the bunkhouse after returning from my adventure in Harriman Fyord and a fun night at Table 5 pub with the aforementioned Carl and Forest Rangers.

So where are all the breath taking photos from kayaking through icebergs? They're on my other camera and no way to upload them till I get home.

So this is kind of a test of iPhone blogging again and is not to suggest I spent all of my Alaskan adventure in a coffee shop!

Location:K St,Anchorage,United States


  1. She's safe......YaY...... S&L

  2. hey kathy welcome back to cyber world! looking forward to see the pix & hear stories! mg


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