Monday, August 8, 2011


Seeing this polar bear trapped behind glass in the airport wasn't the thing that made me feel I was really in Alaska. After all, we have live ones in our Providence zoo. It was waking up on a gray morning and looking out the big picture window of my room in City Garden B&B and seeing seagulls wandering aimlessly in the park opposite--and realizing that they were Alaskan seagulls. Look the same though.

Of course it was very strange to go to sleep last night with the sun coming in that same window at 10:30 pm, which made it a little hard to fall asleep even though it was 2:30 am as far as my body knew, and I had been flying for more than 12 hours. The last bit was amazing though as I caught a glimpse of Denali rising above the clouds in the distance and the clouds broke long enough to catch sight of a massive glacier pouring through surrealistically gorgeous mountains. This photo is from my iPhone taking a picture from my camera display but it gives ann idea. I'll swap it out later. Mobile technology can only do so much!

And sometimes the simply stubby pencil is more dependable.

Well after a very congenial breakfast with my fellow translate it's off to the cultural center and Anchorage Museum. I hear I'm going to pass a reindeer on the way.

Location:W 10th Ave,Anchorage,United States

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  1. xlnt post, Kathy! I remember that big grumpy bear!

    but fyi, we have no polar bears at the RWP Zoo! though they are promised to return someday.



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