Thursday, April 7, 2011

George Tooker - Egg Tempera artist extrodinaire

Just when I discover egg tempera, we perhaps our best modern egg tempera artist, George Tooker, who died last Sunday at the age of 90. I've always loved his work, and watching this 3-part video makes me realize he was as wonderful as his paintings. Check out his egg tempera set-up, and his work, which will give you chills.



  1. Thanks, Kathy, Tooker is completely new to me, but I'm auditing a Renaissance art history class and the resonances are strong. I appreciate your introduction through these videos.

  2. Tooker was unknown to me, too. But now I'm a fan. Thanks.

  3. I read your snarky-bitchy comment about Karen Kilimnik and wanted to know who you were. Who are you?!?! lol A bunch of us just looked at your work (terrific website, btw!) and couldn't stop laughing!! You teach too, correct?! LOL!!


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