Sunday, March 28, 2010

Casting Call

I haven't watched TV in years (Hulu doesn't count, does it?).  I do own a TV, but it's in the cellar, a big monstrosity that we bought with wedding money 20 years ago.  I did get the HD converter box, but never got around to hooking it up, so it no longer gets any of the 3 channels it used to.

But I don't miss TV,  have no time for TV,  most stuff on TV is not worth watching —— and what? You want to use my paintings for a TV show? How EXCITING!

A few days ago I got a phone call from a set designer for a pilot called "Body of Evidence" being filmed in Providence. The show is about a medical examiner who solves crimes, (cadavers and crime, prime time requirements). Anyway, they need pictures to put on the faux office walls, and the designer was referred to my website. So my work is now standing by on the set.

Since the building they're using is just a block from where I work, I was able to get a tour.  I had no idea that they were filming when we walked through the chaotic, equipment filled rooms, but somehow my guide innately knew when to give me the signal to freeze every few minutes when she knew they were rolling.  After standing like a statue for about 5 minutes we heard someone yell "break for lunch", everyone relaxed, and I got a peek at the autopsy room, lab and offices while the designer and art director discussed which of the just-purchased pillows worked best for the office couch. 

A few people came off the set including a woman in purple scrubs.  It slowly dawned on me that it was the star of the show, Dana Delany. I only recognized her since she had a show back when I used to watch TV, China Beach, I have no idea who the other people are in the show, but my work will be in "Kate's" office.  So watch for it...hopefully it won't be blocked by those camera hungry actors.

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