Thursday, April 2, 2009

Up and Down with the Dunes

After my artist residency at Cape Cod National Seashore I became of member of the Peaked Hill Trust, which has worked for many years to save the dune shacks that are nestled in the dunes and have been home to artists and writers since the 1930's. Knowing that the best way to preserve the dune shacks is to keep them lived-in and cared for, they run a lottery each summer for those who support the Trust. I've been throwing my name in every year and was thrilled to find out that not only was I was granted a week in September but it was in my old shack, Margo-Gelb! And it's ironic that this is the same year I was granted a residency at Great Dunes National Park in Colorado, which would happen 2 weeks after the Cape Cod week. It would certainly make for interesting contrasts.

My excitement was short lived though, since when I went into work the next morning, I found that a co-worker had already reserved that week and both of us are not allowed to be out at the same time. That sucks. My co-worker is a great guy and would switch if he could, but he has reservations he can't change so it looks like I'm out of luck. My only hope is if someone with another dune shack week can switch with me, so I haven't quite given up yet. I probably won't be able to get Margo-Gelb though, since most of the time it's reserved for the Artist In Residence. But it might be cool to try another shack, they all have their unique personalities, and they're all good!


  1. You will be remembered for your landscapes and not for your machines. And you know it.

  2. It would be nice to be remembered for something! Time will tell...


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