Friday, April 10, 2009

Doors and windows that used to be...

I've been busy these last two weeks with trying to better my 40 hour 9-5 gig. I'd rather spend that time in my studio, but since I can't, maybe I can make the time I spend elsewhere work out better for me. Worth a try anyway...

So not much art has been going on, or blogging for that matter....
I did get out at lunch on this beautiful April day, a day more like spring than Providence usually serves up this time of year. There were no roses to stop and smell, but there was a fabulous wall at the corner of Weybosset and Eddy St.

Unfortunately this photo of a part of it doesn't do it justice, but every time I go by it's like a visit to a museum. It's amazing the history that's written on the surface, uncovered when the building attached to it burned down. They're doing some sort of construction on the building behind it, so I'm sure it will be covered up at some point. I'll miss it when it is.

I just receive an email from the other residency I had applied for this summer, a rejection this time. That's almost good though, I really couldn't have done Great Dunes and San Juan National Forest in the same year. This way I don't have to say no, but I will probably try again, the terrain around the San Juan Mountains is magical.

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