Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Owls with stuffing for souls

This is the final version of a drawing I started in the class I took at the Natural History Museum. I'm afraid my owls look rather doll-like. Screech owls are such little fluffy things that they must be hard to taxidermy without making them look like well loved stuffed animals. I'm working on another at the RISD Nature Lab, but I'm not sure I can get any more life out of him...I think I'll have to wait and see if I can spot any real live screech owls near the street lights this summer. But if I do decide to paint them at least this drawing is getting me familiar with their anatomy. Maybe I'll draw the owl skeleton they have in the Nature Lab next!


  1. Your owls look like strange otherworldly creatures from another realm beyond the knowable and discernible to the average human mental capacity with respect to the powers of the night and the visions stirred up by dreams. They work.

  2. Thanks! Perhaps because they have gone to another realm, or maybe because they have glass eyes. Your website looks very interesting, I'm going to check it out!


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