Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Here's my final drawing from my drawing class at the Natural History Museum. This is a Great Horned Owl. It's really fun drawing them, I'll have to see if the RISD nature lab has any and try to get over there to draw them on my lunch break. I'm also going on an Owl Prowl at the Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge to try to see the non-taxidermied versions.

I have a vague idea of a possible series....wildlife at night, what's moving about when we're asleep. After all, bats would be pretty cool to paint too.


  1. Beautiful drawing! I didn't know the museum had classes like that.

  2. Thanks Kathy, owls are a blast to draw!
    I may take another class in one of the next sessions. Dawn is also trying to get some interest in an outdoor painting class in the park when the weather breaks. If you or anyone you know is interested her website is


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