Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lunch break

Today at lunch I went for a walk. Just a walk, no destination. It seems a simple concept, but I haven't done that in ages. I always feel I have to "accomplish something" on my precious hour break from my day job. But Providence was looking enchanting on this clear August day that felt more like September. I walked down Weybosset Street and felt as if I hadn't walked that street in years. It's amazing how you can miss changes that happen only a block from your usual path. There were a few new lunch places (One with free wi-fi) and a new hotel going up where St. Francis Chapel used to be. I crossed the river and walked along the east bank, it was low tide so I could see the bottom of the river, soft with silt and pollution, like the paint that settles at the bottom of my solvent jars. In shallow relief was a bicycle, probably stolen years ago and tossed in the river, now thickly coated in algae, mud and rust. It looked beautiful and mysterious through the 2 feet of river water and I wished I had my camera so I could post a picture. I may check for the next low tide and go back to take one. I continued down to Wickenden Street to poke around in the antique stores. Some of them have really interesting paintings on their walls, and Adam Tamsky Fine Art at 395 is a gallery that has some really cool paintings from the 30's through the 70's, a great collection of old frames too. I've really got to get out more....

I'm going to occasionally post an ad from some of the vintage art magazines I've collected. I love reading commentary on artists, who are now either famous or forgotten, from 50 or so years ago. I find the ads almost more fascinating, often humorous in retrospect and sometimes beautiful. This one, from ARTnews Annual of 1957 I'll file under beautiful.

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