Friday, August 15, 2008

Frames of mind

This week I started thinking seriously about framing for my show in November. I really would like to buy frames, but haven't seen any that would suit my paintings at a reasonable cost, so I may be back to making them myself again. I've come up with a simplified version of a very work-intensive frame I had originally planned for the oils, so I'm going to make a sample and if it works, I'll go that route.

I sorted my studies as well, most are on paper so I'll need to frame behind glass--boy do I hate that kind of framing. I'm lucky though, I had stocked up on some simple oak frames in all sizes that the RISD museum was "deaccessioning". They were selling them very cheaply, but they can still be called "museum quality frames"! I think I'll splurge and have the mats cut for me though. I've never mastered that skill, despite the acres of matboard that have gone under my knife.

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