Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Art supplies to go...

Here is another travel set I've made up for watercolors. I used a small cigar tin, but it also works well with a metal CD case, like the kind AOL used to send out way back when. I cut off the ends of the paint brushes, and stuck a little velcro on the handles and on the box so they don't move around and get bent bristles. A sliver of a flat sponge is also held on with velcro. This set will easily fit in a pocket, just add water and a small watercolor pad!

I've also made up 10 charcoal sets for the class I am going to teach in Mesa Verde. Each has soft, med and hard charcoal pencils, some soft vine charcoal, 3 kinds of erasers, a blade for sharpening, clips and some wipes for getting the charcoal off your hands after class. After all, charcoal drawing is a dirty business.

My tripod easel is coming along. I found t-nuts that fit the mounting bolt at the hardware store, and have attached one to a lightweight board, which I will mount to the tripod head. I think it just may work, and will post photos of it when finished. It should be pretty light and portable, more so than any of the travel easels I've owned or looked at.

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