Sunday, May 4, 2008

Packing for Mesa Verde

This is the kit I've come up with for my Mesa Verde paintings. I'm going to try using a new product, acrylic "Interactive" paints by Chroma. I think they'll be more practical to travel with than oils, even though I never liked acrylics. These have a nice satin finish though, not plasticy at all, and can be wet down and reworked for about a day. I used an old cigar box and filled film canisters with my colors (If you go to a photo lab, they'll probably be happy to give you all you want and if you can find the canisters with the clear tops it makes it easy to find your colors) If the paint dries around the lids, it peels right off. I put a pack of palette paper in the lid.

Now I'm trying to rig up the perfect lightweight easel. I'm probably going to go with a modified tripod.

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