Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Group therapy

I'm showing paintings in two group shows opening this week, so I'm going to strap on my snowshoes and head out to the hinterlands for the openings.

The first....

The alumni show, which includes Swain alumnus as well, is being held at UMass Dartmouth from February 3rd to March 4, with an opening this Thursday, Feb. 3 from 4:30 to 7. There should be lots of fine paintings in the show judging from the list of participants.
(Here are directions to campus - you can use parking lots 7-8, see campus map)

• • • 

The other show is the Newport Art Museum Annual Members' Juried Exhibition and runs from February 5 to May 22 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ sigh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ oh sorry, I was just thinking about May. A glance out my window with new snow falling on 5 foot piles of dirty ice brought me back to reality—anyway, the reception is on Friday, Feb. 4 from 5-7.

I might be late for both openings, unless I can get out of work early. Such is the life of the working artist....

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  1. There aren't many of you, so I'm pleased to pass along the name of another Swainster. Hers is an outstanding blog.


    If I did already, never mind.

    Word verif... funkshin
    As in, I hope the snowshoes get you to the funkshin on time.


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