Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pools of water - Mt. Monadnock

The summit of Mt. Monadnock is usually so crowded that it can be tempting to want to escape the rambunctious kids, picture takers and cell phone chatterers and head back down the trail to a more peaceful overlook. But the summit is as special as it is triangular. I don't know what it is that causes the granite to split into 3 sided sections, but I love the pyramid boulders that trap rain water into little pools that reflect triangles of blue sky. It makes me want to paint them all over again.

We avoided the crowds on the way up by taking the Marlboro Trail to the west instead of the more populated trails that leave from park headquarters on the east side. Marlboro starts with an easy and not too rocky hike through the woods until you cross a stone wall, after which it begins to climb steeply up an increasingly rocky trail. Only after scrambling over the rocks for awhile did I realize why my footing seemed so awkward. I had grabbed an old pair of Sears hiking boots that I hadn't worn in about 7 years, instead of my nice REI pair, which I will appreciate more the next time I wear them.

Despite it being windy and cold up top, it was a beautiful day for a hike. I'll have to climb it again later this summer when there will be so many wild blueberries growing in the granite crevices that I can easily fill a few bagfuls to freeze and last me into the winter.

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