Friday, May 21, 2010

Body of Proof - the trailer

It looks like the scenes from the TV pilot my paintings were starring in made the final cut! Check out the paintings on the wall at 1:20.

I know, those pesky actresses are in the way, and the paintings seem a bit blurry, but it's only the pilot after all. In the series (Friday nights on ABC!) I'm sure they'll clear the set and get the paintings in better focus. It's not certain, though, if they are going to film the rest of the series in Providence. The show itself is set in Philadelphia and could film elsewhere, especially if Gov. Carcieri succeeds in killing the tax credits for filming in RI

But whatever happens, let's hope she doesn't redecorate her office!


  1. Congratulations!It looks terrific on the walls. I would prefer if they just zoomed in on the painting and let the actors just talk in the background though:)
    (and ps- I've subscribed to your blog for a couple of years now, but something's wrong with your feed, your new posts never show up. You might want to check it. I'll try subscribing another way and see if that works I don't want to keep missing them)

  2. Hello Kathy

    Congratulations on getting your paintings on television. If she would only move her head a little bit. Have to see the other half of the painting at 1:22.



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