Saturday, March 13, 2010

Prize surprise

Since I wasn't able to make the opening of the members show at the Bristol Art Museum last night I took a break today from planning my Art Window — figuring out how to transport yards of canvas curtains without wrinkling, and brittle thorn branches without pain. I headed over to the Bristol to check out the show and how I was hung. Turns out I was hung with a label that said "First Prize"!

Now I am not usually a prize winner, a few honorable mentions were the only ones in my trophy case, so First Prize is kind of a kick. It even comes with a small check.  But me and Obama, we like to donate our prize money to charity. (Although if I had gotten his Nobel Peace Prize one million plus, I confess I'd keep it in order to ditch the day job. But I'm glad he likes his job enough to hang in.) I'll send mine to Haiti, the rainy season is fast approaching and they need all the help they can get.

Written as the rain beats against the windows and the wind gusts, and I sit warm and dry in my house.

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