Friday, June 5, 2009

Artist as collector

I did something I've only done once before. I went to an opening last month and bought a painting! It's a strange experience to be on the other side of the checkbook, but feels nice too.

I know artists who have large collections of art objects and paintings, either traded or purchased, and their homes look great. I also know artists whose home ends up looking like extended studio space. I am one of the latter. Although my studio is detached from my house, I bring my work in to hang on my limited wall space so I can look at it in a different light and state of mind. So my walls are usually badly hung with half-finished paintings. I also have very little wall space to work with, due to an abundance of windows and doors in my little house. But now I've somehow acquired some really nice pieces, mostly from the generosity of other artists, and am going to have to think about finding permanent wall space to do justice to them.

The painting I bought? A Primiano of course, that I've been eyeing since I posted it here

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  1. Hi,

    I've also set up my own private collection.
    It feels nice to own art from artists that I admire and in the future I may acquire a few more.
    If you want me to show them to you, just send me an e-mail, since I don't want to spam this comment with a link.

    Have a nice weekend,



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