Saturday, July 30, 2016

Out of sequence post about Zion, Denali posts coming soon!


Whew, made it.

I just got my confirmation for my application to Zion National Park for an AIR next year. (I know, being greedy).

But it wasn't looking good.

First I miscalculated the deadline, thinking I had till the end of the month. But no! I had to assemble the application (a throwback, they want a CD, paper application and printed photos by mail) and get it postmarked by the 26th.

So, I got up early on the 26th, checked the post office closing times on the web (11:30pm in the city, yay!)  worked on the application and ordered photo printing from the drugstore before my all day "mom care" shift, took her shopping, lunch, etc, picked up my photos, finished the statement, resume, application, photo labeling, CD burning and left for the post office at 9pm.

It looked quiet, too quiet, but the doors were open. Two post office employees inside told me the window had closed at 9. There was no way I could get a 26th postmark.

So I went home defeated, but re-read the application and it said postmarked by the 26th, received by the 29th. So I figured I could send it express and maybe they would excuse the postmark. But first I needed to make a correction in my statement. So of course my printer crapped out and would no longer print black.

I hope they like blue!

Off to the post office again. "I need this to get there by the 29th". "Sure, where to?". "Utah." "Hmmm...."

The soonest I could get it there was 3pm on the 29th. So off it went.

But it wasn't looking good.

That's why it was such a relief to the the confirmation email.  I'll find out in October, wish me luck!

Now, back in the studio to paint Alaska.

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