Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Paddling practice

Last weekend I spent a perfect summer day with friend Mary Grady in the sprawling but shallow waters of the Narrow River, logging another 5 hours in the cockpit of a kayak in preparation for my Prince William Sound Residency.   I just might be beginning to get the hang of this.  Which is good since I'm leaving for Anchorage in 19 days. Or so I hope. It occurred to me last week that if the government should shut down due to all the political game playing going on in Washington, the national parks and forests will most likely shut down too. I am trying not to think about it, since everyone says they are just bluffing, but it is nagging at me.

But it's full paddle ahead unless I hear differently. Next destination, The Great Swamp!


  1. You look good in red. Red, red; go ahead.

  2. Kathy, congratulations! What an adventure.


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