Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hanging at RISD

You know when you finish an large and ambitious painting, hang it on a gallery wall and feel that it accomplished everything you wanted it to?  Neither do I.  In fact, I'm now reworking a painting that I tried to convince myself was finished, and had the nerve to hang in my show at the Gail Cahalan Gallery in 2009. It's getting better now though, I think.

One reason I'm pushing this one is that the Art League of RI, of which I'm a member, is having its annual show at the RISD museum in June. And they're not shoving us into a little local artist corner, it's being hung in the huge new gallery space that usually hosts national shows. Since this is probably the only chance I'll ever have of hanging in the RISD Museum, the pressure is on.

So that explains the lack of blog posts lately, I'm too busy painting to write about painting when I'm home, and my day-job has gotten too busy to sneak it in at work, so there you go.

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