Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to work

On Sunday I finally made my way back into my studio. It seems like it's been forever since I've been there, and it was great to be back even though the temperature, which started out at 30 degrees, only made it up to about 48 no matter how much I cranked the propane stove.

Once suited up in 53 layers, with a hot pot of coffee on the stove, I decided to rework the largest painting from my shoemaker series, which is about the only one not safely on exhibit now. Even though its been signed and shown, I was never really satisfied with it. It has some difficult areas, and the color needs work, but it's much too nice of a canvas to give up on.

I'm filing this under Things I Wish I Had Time To Do, That Could Lead to Interesting Paintings.  Roger Williams Park Zoo needs volunteers to spy on frogs.  I know, pretty exciting....but it involves a commitment of time, and a nearby pond. Ponds I got. Time, not so much.

Oh well, someday I'll be a little old retired lady hiding behind a rock on the bank of a marshy pond with a notebook. I'll be the one who's also packing a sketchpad.

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