Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The business of painting, hold the paint...

I was hoping to have my next installment of my Great Dunes journal by the next time I posted, and it's close, but not done yet. Sorry to keep you in suspense (as you say—oh, there's more?) But, if they're not literary masterpieces, it's still good for me to labor over them. I did write down my impressions every day while out there, but in trying to make something of it, and going over it again and again, it really helps me sort out the experience and remember my residencies more richly.

I got an email this week from the latest residency I've applied for — Denali National Park— but was afraid to click on it, being at work and all, and not wanting to switch my mood from stupefaction to disappointment. But it was just a notification that I'll hear in the next few weeks, so there's still hope!

Meanwhile I've been working on a video for my upcoming show at the Bert Gallery in January. They've been filming interviews with the artists to go along with their recent shows, and the thought of having to go on about my work in front of a camera made me immediately volunteer to work with my husband (a filmmaker) to come up with a little video that hopefully will be more interesting than my talking head. So we returned to the shoemaker's shop and took some shots, and will film in my studio, and perhaps I can edit it together in something approaching a coherent piece.

Some of the pressure is off for now though. I found out I misunderstood about the Providence Art Window gig, the letter asked if I COULD install by December, it didn't say I would be SCHEDULED  to install in December.  So it's still on, but sometime in the future...and out of my head for now, where it's safer.
I am in a holiday show at Imago gallery in Warren though. I submitted these 3 little paintings of the Badlands National Park, so stop by their lovely new gallery if you get a chance.
My pieces are recession priced...such a bargain! Warren was hopping last weekend when I went, too. Granted it was the lighting festival, but it really is getting to be a very arty scene there, and it will look so festive with the colored (not snooty white) lights strung across Main St.


  1. I check your blog every so often and always find something interesting - thanks! I love the Cindy Tower video. Mostly I enjoy seeing your work - I wish you would include the medium and size of the pieces you post... The badlands pieces are wonderful.

  2. I couldn't read enough in your blog -- I wanted to go further, but I also wanted to write. Your phrase about the storm in the dunes "The clouds knit together" was right on the mark. I hadn't realized you were the first AIR at the Dunes -- that gave you an extra bit of responsibility, I suspect.

    The dunes for your style of working seem absolutely appropriate -- I can't wait to see the results. And congrats on the book cover -- what a nice compliment that is.

    How do you "You might also like" stuff at the bottom of your blogs. It's a good addition -- moved me around.

    You are very brave to try Denali --I've looked at their requirements and there's no way I could manage it. I find 50 degrees and wind almost more than I'm interested in working right now.

    So congrats on all you've done and keep in touch. If you ever get to Portland (Oregon), give a holler.

  3. I really enjoyed visiting your blog and website and admiring your luscious paintings and the connection they have to these beautiful places. You get the best gigs!

    Good luck with Denali, selfishly keeping my fingers crossed for you, because I'd love to see the photos and the paintings that emerge from that experience too.

  4. Thanks you guys. It's great to hear from fellow art bloggers, all of whom I've bookmarked! Dodie, I just checked out yours (and bookmarked it). You seem to like all the things I like! Screech owls, dunes, prairie...and your paintings are great. I envy (white envy) you your prairie. It's wonderful you're doing that. June, this is how to add that "you might also like" feature. http://www.linkwithin.com/learn
    Ellen, I've been checking out your blog for a while, I love the way you write and your down to earth attitude! Keep blogging and commenting, it helps me survive my cubicle time!


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